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bP recorder

This basic Android app is a replacement for some versions of the stock Android system Sound Recorder. The app was created to resolve the "Sorry, Ringdroid is not yet able to edit files of type qcp" error message on some Android devices when recording NEW sounds.

On some systems, the default system Sound Recorder creates qcp format recordings which Ringdroid and derivatives like Ringtone Maker cannot edit. If bP recorder is installed, the Ringdroid "record new" button will offer a choice to use this app instead of the stock recorder and Ringdroid will then be able to edit the NEW recorded sound.

This app does NOT read or write QCP files and it does not allow the ringtone makers to edit that kind of file. What it does is allow you to record NEW sounds without getting the error.

This app does not launch by itself, but is called by other apps, specifically Ringdroid and deriviatives like Ringtone Maker. bP recorder is available from Google Play. We'd appreciate the use of the Google market, but take it from direct download here if you'd like. It's free either way!

Updates and support are limited. If this app does not solve the error mentioned above, you may be better served by replacing Ringdroid with a more capable application.

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